Shermie abusing his tolerant big brother Dylan in the submission reel footage

Episode summary Edit

Jo meets the Young family in Sarasota, Florida, where parents Sherman (38) and Joelle Young (37) work opposite job shifts with Dad watching the kids during the day and then dropping them off with Joelle before leaving for work for the evening.

Five-year-old Shermie is very angry, disrespectful, and aggressive towards his mother, 13 year-old-brother Dylan, and 3 year old (almost 4-year-) sister, Shelby. He also refuses to stay out of his big brother Dylan's room.

Meanwhile three almost four-year-old, only girl, and the youngest child, Shelby is picking up some of Shermie's aggressive behavior and wall climbing. She is very stubborn, defiant, and cries a lot. When Shelby gets bored after a while when the family is playing a board game she'll throw it away or get aggressive.

The two of the youngest children tend to climb up on the walls & shelves.

Thirteen-year-old big brother Dylan feels like he's forced to spend time with his younger siblings and wants his time alone & also with his parents. He just locks his bedroom door so that his siblings can't get in his bedroom.

Sherman is completely clueless when it comes to playing with his kids while Joelle yells at the kids which only makes them ignore and disrespect her more. Can Jo help the Young family out?

In the news Edit

Sarasota mom happy with 'Supernanny' portrayal - Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 3/29/2006.

Family membersEdit

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