Episode summary Edit

Sue (39) and Paul (40) Young live in Essex with their five boys: 8-year old Nathaniel, 7-year Caleb, 6-year old Benjamin, 3-year old Jacob, and 8-month old Joel.

With so many kids to contend with, it's a classic case of mob rule. None of the gang ever owns up and when they're naughty they all blame each other.

Desperate to regain control, Sue and Paul are pinning all their hopes on Jo Frost. Can she rein in these renegades?


  • This was the first ever episode to have spanking or abusive parents

In the news Edit

Supernanny kids set fire to own house after visit from TV expert - Daily Mail, 10/2/2007. In this article, we learn that at 3 years old, youngest son Joel accidentally set fire to their home and that Sue and Paul are separated.

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