Episode summary Edit

The Wynne Jones family badly need some help, as mum, Lin (41) is having trouble her four children and dad, Ronny (41) just isn't getting involved. Simone (13) fights with her younger brother, Andrew (10). Younger sibling Ben (4) throws temper tantrums, escape the house, run off and refuse to stay in bed. Ben also has a dangerous obsession with electrical appliances. Georgia (2) is picking up their bad behavior. Ben and Georgia have also been sucking on dummys too much that they've gotten speech problems. Can Supernanny persuade the family to make the changes they need to?

Family members Edit

Ronny and Lin Wynne-Jones, 40

Simone Wynne-Jones, 13

Andrew and Ben Wynne-Jones, 10

Georgia Wynne-Jones, 4

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