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Throwing toys down the stairwell during observation on Supernanny

Nanny Jo Frost helps out a couple who admit that dad Tim (43) can be just as much of a troublemaker as the Wujcik couple's three children, 6-year-old Alec, 4-year-old Bryce and 1-year-old Carly.

The two older boys are wantonly destructive with many of their toys and aggressively defiant to their mother Toni (40).

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Episode recap with commentary on BlissTree

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Tim Wujcik, 43

Toni Wujcik, 40

Alec Wujcik, 6

Bryce Wujcik, 4

Carly Wujcik, 1

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They don't say where the Wujciks live during the episode, but this link suggests they may have lived in Long Grove, Illinois in 2009.

Tim's LinkedIn page also suggests they live in Illinois, as his employment history is in that state.