Episode summaryEdit

Moya Wren (40) and Duncan McCallum (30) of Glasgow, Scotland have a fifteen-year-old girl called Leah, and a nine-year-old girl called Madison (who is apparently a child beauty queen, according to the below articles).

Family Members Edit

  • Moya Wren
  • Duncan McCallum
  • Leah (age 15)
  • Madison (age 9)

In the newsEdit

Broke mum discovers what really matters after blowing thousands on beauty queen daughter - Daily Record, 29 January 2012

Would you let a room full of adults judge your child’s looks? - Daily Mirror, 19 July 2009

My Girl Is So Spoilt, I Need to Sell My House - The Scottish Sun, 2/9/2010. This article seems to say that the family also appeared on Jo Frost: Extreme Parental Guidance.

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