Episode SummaryEdit

Supernanny goes to the United Kingdom to rescue the Woods Family. Lucy (37) has two children from a previous marriage, 12-year-old Caitlin and 10-year-old Billy. Lucy then married Steve (42) and together they had 2-year-old Charlie.

Charlie screams very high pitched without stopping, throws violent tantrums and turns off the television when Billy and Caitlin turn it on. He refuses to get dressed, eat dinner, get ready for school and sleep in his own bed. Bathtime for Charlie is a war. Also, Billy and Caitlin are feeling ignored because of Charlie.

His controlling behavior is holding the family to ransom. Can Supernanny stop Charlie before the family is unsafe? This is the very first episode of Supernanny in UK. This is the very first episode of Supernanny.

when Jo revisits

Caitlin (13) , Billy (11) Charlie (3)

Family membersEdit


This was either filmed in December 2003 Or January 2004 The revisited episode aired one and a half year later after the original episode. The changes are much different than the original.

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