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Jo visits the Wilson-Knutson family in Studio City, California and for the first time, she is working with a celebrity family: singer Wendy Wilson (37) and her husband Dan Knutson (39). They have four sons: 4-year-old Leo, 3-year-old Beau and 6-week-old twins Will & Jesse.

Growing up, Wendy had few boundaries which causes her to be a pushover with her kids while Dan grew up with rules & a strict schedule.

With the arrival of their newborn twins, the parents are exhausted & realize that their current parenting style isn't going to cut it anymore.

Leo and Beau are acting out. They fight aggressively with each other and don't take their parents seriously. Bedtimes are very chaotic for these two. Beau refuse to give up his binkies and he is still in diapers.

Also, Wendy is planning on going on tour with her sister Carnie (39). Can Jo help Wendy & Dan out before Wendy heads out on tour?

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Submission reel and teaching (dealing with young children in a restaurant, giving mom some me time) on Supernanny US YouTube channel

Family update on Supernanny US YouTube channel

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