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Williams Family (UK)
UK Series 3, UK Episode 5
Air Date September 26, 2006
Techniques Naughty Chair
Previous Bates Family
Next Pollard-Morris Family


Williams Family (UK)
US Season 5, US Episode 15
Air Date February 27, 2009
Techniques Naughty Chair
Previous Sachs Family
Next Del Re Family

Episode summary Edit

Supernanny heads to Birmingham, England where four feisty children and their lazy dad are driving mum mad!

Only boy six year-old Tyler is the ringleader of this feisty gang. He's very rebellious and a big bully. He back-kicks his mother in the face and swear at her. He would lash out aggressively towards his 3 sisters and his mum. He would shout and cuss disrespectfully.

Baby Girl Tia doesn't act out as much as Tyler, but she throws temper tantrums and defiance to get her own way.

Sisters Bethany and Lori try to tow the line - but it's hard to behave in such a hectic home. With four kids under 10, life is stressful.

Getting all four kids washed, dressed and out of the house is a daily ordeal, while bedtimes are a disaster. Mum Natalie battles to stay in control while father Martin buries himself in his hobbies.

Contending with four feisty kids and parents who constantly undermine each other won't be easy.

Can Supernanny tame the children and motivate dad? Or will they stage a rebellion?

Transcript Edit

Williams Family (UK) Transcript

Video Edit

Full UK episode on YouTube

Full US episode on YouTube

Trivia Edit

This is the second to last UK Episode to be redubbed in America.

Family membersEdit

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