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Submission ReelEdit

Natalie: I've seen that Martin's shifts do vary a lot.

Natalie: He doesn't realize that I've been at work too, so he thinks he can come in and just chill out.

Natalie: (smacks Tyler) That was my face!

Natalie: It's heartbreaking, really... a child can hit you and swear at you.

Natalie: Get in the car, now!

Tyler: Oh, shut up, you big b***h!

(Cut to the Hallway, Tyler is repeatedly kicking the door. Natalie comes up to him and Tyler fake-cries.)


Jo Visits The Williams FamilyEdit

Observation BeginsEdit

Tia i don, t wanna wear that here!

Natalie No tia no

Natalie Don t

Natalie Lori put your shoes on

Tyler Dirty

Natalie Where

Observation ContinuesEdit

Parents MeetingEdit

Teaching BeginsEdit

Tyler Stupid!

Tyler No

Tyler i want my chair!

Tyler Give me my chair and then i , ll say sorry.

Tyler Give me my chair and then i, ll say sorry!

Natilale Have you ever, ever... received an apology?

Tyler i want my chair!

Jo Tyler you do not put your foot at mothers face. That's naughty behavior. (Tyler kicke again) Naughty!

Jo Chair away

Tyler Mommy

Tyler Sorry mommy

Marty How many times am i gonna do this?

Marty i ain ,t doing this for an hour.

Jo Just a pain... and it ain , t working is it?

Marty His side Right then support Martin.


Tyler: I hate you, you big fat b***h, b***h, B***H!!!

(Camera zooms in on Tyler)

Tyler: You big, fat B***H!

Jo: Where did your son learn that language?! (Cut to Jo and Natalie in the Kitchen) Calling you a "big fat b***h"?

Nataie: Martin used to call me a b***h all the time.

Jo: So the man of the house never used to have respect for you and neither does your son now?

Natalie: No.

(Cut to Tyler in the Naughty Spot: he's leaning on the wall, his back to the camera.)

Tyler: YOU NAUGHTY FAT B***H T**T!!!

Natrrator: After an hour and a half of protests, Tyler's agression turns to tears.

Tyler: (crying) Mummy! Mummy! Mummy!

Teaching ContinuesEdit


Parents EvalationEdit

Family Test RunEdit

Jo Says GoodbyeEdit

Family UpdateEdit

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