Williams Family (UK) Transcript (Uncensored/Uncut)



Submission ReelEdit

Natalie: I've seen that Martin's shifts do vary a lot.

Natalie: He doesn't realize that I've been at work too, so he thinks he can come in and just chill out.

Natalie: (smacks Tyler) That was my face!

Natalie: It's heartbreaking, really... a child can hit you and swear at you.

Natalie: Get in the car, now!

Tyler: Oh, shut up, you big *****!

(Cut to the Hallway, Tyler is repeatedly kicking the door. Natalie comes up to him and Tyler fake-cries.)


Jo Visits The Williams FamilyEdit

Observation BeginsEdit

Tia i don, t wanna wear that here!

Natalie No tia no

Natalie Don t

Natalie Lori put your ****** shoes on

Tyler Dirty

Natalie Where

Observation ContinuesEdit

Parents MeetingEdit

Teaching BeginsEdit

Jo: Hey!

Martin: Come on in.

Jo (to the kids): These are not chairs to have fun in. These are chairs for discipline.

(Cut to Jo and the Williams Family at the table.)

Martin: Tia, sit down.

Tia: No.

Martin: If you don't ****** sit down, yo will go to your naughty chair. (Tia refuses to sit down.) OK. Go sit down then.

(Martin takes Tia to the naughty chair.)

Jo (to Tia): Daddy put you on this chair because why? (Tia just sits there and doesn't listen to what Jo says.)

Martin: Because you wouldn't sit down.

Jo: Now you sit down one minute per year of your age. How old are you? How old are you?

Tia: 4.

Jo: Right, 4 minutes.

(Martin and Jo continuously take Tia back to her naughty chair for 4 minute. She kept escaping. Martin and Jo continuously bring her back until she stays put for 4 minutes. Martin comes back.)

Martin: Tia, the reason you were put here..

Jo: Martin, it's all plain. You got sing song voice. (to Tia) You were put on this naughty chair because you misbehaved. That was naughty behavior. Okay? (to Martin) Firm voice.

Martin: I want you to tell daddy you're sorry.

Tia: Sorry.

Martin: Give me love. (They hug. Jo watches in amazement.)

Teaching ContinuesEdit

Natalie: Tyler, you are sitting on the Naughty Chair because you keep hitting everybody.

Tyler: Just Bethany once, I throw a towel, You big fat *****.

Natalie: (laugh) Just stop it!

Tyler: No!


Parents EvalationEdit

Family Test RunEdit

Jo Says GoodbyeEdit

Family UpdateEdit

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