Williams Family (UK) Transcript (Uncensored/Uncut)

Beginning (US airing)Edit

Narrator: Tonight on "Supernanny", Jo returns to the U.K., on a mission to save a family on the brink. Jo: I can't believe you've got a trolley in your garden. Bethany: Ha, ha! Narrator: The Williams house is in chaos.

Natalie: You do not get out of bed!

Tia, screaming: MUMMY, GO AWAY! NOW! NOW!

Narrator: With four children under ten, life is hectic and stressful.

Natalie: I just don't know what to do.

Narrator: Mom's at the breaking point, and Supernanny is her last hope.

Jo: Tyler, that's naughty behavior.

Tyler: AAH!

Narrator: But it's not only the children who need disciplining.

Natalie: Martin, for goodness sake!

Jo: There are definitely times when Natalie's with the four kids, and Martin becomes the fifth.

Narrator: Dad is in for a major shock, too.

Jo: You mean what you say, then follow through.

Martin: How many times am I gonna do this?

Martin: I just wanted to smack her in the face, that Jo.

Jo: Martin, you're 27, not 8.

Submission ReelEdit

Natalie that's naughty daddy keeps telling you not to do that

Bethany Ha ha

Tyler i'm being naughty

Natalie Stop it

Natalie no you

Natalie Get dressed

Tyler i won't wear my shorts

Tia Screaming Don't

Tyler Mommy

Natalie Stop it

Tia screaming mom get out now now!

Tia: No!

Martin:  It makes me laugh when they have a tantrum.

Natalie: I've seen that Martin's shifts do vary a lot.

Natalie: He doesn't realize that I've been at work too, so he thinks he can come in and just chill out.

Natalie: (smacks Tyler) That was my face!

Natalie: It's heartbreaking, really... a child can hit you and swear at you.

Natalie: Get in the car, now!

Tyler: Oh, shut up, you big *****! Natalie: I lose my temper a lot, I'll just start screaming at them and that it makes me feel awful inside. (Cut to the Hallway, Tyler is repeatedly kicking the door. Natalie comes up to him and Tyler fake-cries.)


Jo Visits The Williams FamilyEdit

Observation BeginsEdit

Natalie No

Tia i don't wanna wear that here!

Natalie Tia no

Natalie Don't

Natalie you can go get your socks from outside and then go upstairs and get some clean ones.

Natalie Go.

Natalie Lori

Lori Mom

Natalie come get your shoes on .

Tyler Dirty

Natalie Where

Tyler it's just Dirty

Natalie No it isn,t because this is clean

Natalie Stop it. Tyler, will you stop it?

Tyler: (stucks his tongue out) Mmm!

Observation ContinuesEdit

Parents MeetingEdit

Teaching BeginsEdit

Jo: Hey!

Martin: Come on in.

Jo (to the kids): These are not chairs to have fun in. These are chairs for discipline.

(Cut to Jo and the Williams Family at the table.)

Martin: Tia, sit down.

Tia: No.

Martin: If you don't ****** sit down, yo will go to your naughty chair. (Tia refuses to sit down.) OK. Go sit down then.

(Martin takes Tia to the naughty chair.)

Jo (to Tia): Daddy put you on this chair because why? (Tia just sits there and doesn't listen to what Jo says.)

Martin: Because you wouldn't sit down.

Jo: Now you sit down one minute per year of your age. How old are you? How old are you?

Tia: 4.

Jo: Right, 4 minutes.

(Martin and Jo continuously take Tia back to her naughty chair for 4 minute. She kept escaping. Martin and Jo continuously bring her back until she stays put for 4 minutes. Martin comes back.)

Martin: Tia, the reason you were put here..

Jo: Martin, it's all plain. You got sing song voice. (to Tia) You were put on this naughty chair because you misbehaved. That was naughty behavior. Okay? (to Martin) Firm voice.

Martin: I want you to tell daddy you're sorry.

Tia: Sorry.

Martin: Give me love. (They hug. Jo watches in amazement.)

Teaching ContinuesEdit

Natalie: Tyler, you are sitting on the Naughty Chair because you keep hitting everybody.

Tyler: Just Bethany once, I throw a towel, You big fat *****.

Natalie: (laugh) Just stop it!

Tyler: No!


Parents EvalationEdit

Family Test RunEdit

Jo Says GoodbyeEdit

Family UpdateEdit