William R. "Will" Smith (born May 23, 1959) is the dad of Nathan (aged 3) and Ari (aged 2) and husband to Michelle (aged 39).

Although he had a great sense of humor with the kids, he had no clue how to control them when it came to discipline. When Nate kept trying to put his fork in the electrical outlet, Will gave at least 12 warnings before finally putting Nate in timeout (which lasted less than 10 seconds). He would also get very distressed about taking the kids to the supermarket.

He was 47 years at the time and is now 59 in 2018.

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Will's ResearchGate profile - This tells us that his name is William R. Smith, and he was a research assistant at University of Hawaii, Honolulu from May 1997 to December 2008.

Will's Twitter page - This suggests he worked at Honolulu Community College as late as June 2015.

Will's Academia profile - This tells us that he has worked as a natural sciences researcher and lecturer at Honolulu Community College, with research published as late as 2015.