Jo visits Orlando, Florida to help the Westons: Andrea and Fred and their two sons: Andrew (4) and Sean (11 months).

While Andrea and Fred have adjusted to their life as parents after having kids, they are having trouble when it comes to raising their older son, Andrew. In the house, Andrew disrespects his parents and constantly torments his baby brother because he is jealous of Sean. In addition, his behavior is so aggressive and out of control, that he has been constantly expelled from day care and Andrea and Fred are having trouble finding one that will take him.

Playing with his friends is no different, since he was noted to bully and intimidate his friends whenever they're over on a play date. Dinner time is a disaster since Andrew refuses to eat his dinner most of the time. At night, he is constantly playing games at bed time with his mother, which prevents Sean from sleeping. Andrea and Fred state that they need to get their act together, so that Sean does not wind up like Andrew.


Family Members


  • Anaya, Andrew's friend
  • Amy, Anaya's mother
  • Anaya's dad
  • Molly, Andrew's friend

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