Announcer: Tonight, Jo meets the Weinstein family.
Jo: Hi, pleased to meet you. I'm Jo.
Chia: I'm Chia.
[Tina screaming]
Announcer: With four kids who have no respect for their parents...
Tina (to Chia): Shut up, you idiot!
Chia: I didn't even say anything.
David: Do you wanna get spanked?
Announcer: Or the house.
Jo: Feel like I'm in a subway.
David: So do we.
Announcer: Dad's a raging bull.
David: Julia, move! Hurry it up! Shut it! Lay down!
Announcer: And Mom's waving the white flag.
Chia: What am I supposed to make her do?
David: This is your house and this is your life.
Announcer: Can Jo get Mom to toughen up?
Jo (to Chia): He doesn't dictate when he says sorry. You're in charge of that naughty stool.
Announcer: And turn Dad from a big bully...
David: No, that I don't like.
Jo: Oh, you don't like that?
McKenna (imitating David): Julia!
Julia (imitating David): Oh, Julia!
Announcer: To a gentle giant.
Jo: That's not a pretty sight watching you grab up your kid.
David: I'm sorry.
[Theme song]

Submission ReelEdit

Jo: Let's take a look and see what family gets my help this week.
Chia: Hi, we're the Weinstein family and my name is Chia.
David: And I'm David.
Chia: We have four children: our daughter McKenna who is seven, Christina, who is six...
Christina: What's up?
Chia: Julia, who is five and our son, Robert, who is two.
Robert: I peed.
David: I'm a truck driver and I'm gone between 5 to 7 or even 10 days straight.
Kids: Love you, Daddy.
David: The kids are kind of out of control when I'm not around.
Chia: What are you doing with my curtains? Say you're sorry!
McKenna: Sorry!
Chia: Don't torture the hamster. Kenny. She will just fly off the handle with emotion.
McKenna: You smashed my lunch! I hate you!
David: Julia. You push her buttons the wrong way and look out. Tina's the aggressor out of the family.
Chia (to Tina): Now you stay in here for time out.
Tina: Shut up, you idiot!
David: Robert. You blink, he destroyed something. I've got to discipline the kids and show them the difference between right & wrong.
[Montage of David disciplining the kids]
David: Sit down! Do it now. Get your hands off my face. And then I turn into the bad guy. You don't tell your mother, "bye bye, sucker." Do you understand? That is enough!
Tina: Shut up!
Chia: Bedtime is next to impossible. (kids screaming) They scream, they will hit me, they will try to scratch me. It stings.
Jo: Now this is what I call a nightmare.
Chia: Eventually, I end up giving up. And I'm here now and look how quickly you've calmed down.
Jo: These kids are getting away with everything.
Chia: You won.
David: It's come to a point now we got to get these kids in line not only for the kids' sanity, but for our marriage.
Chia: Supernanny, we are in a desperate situation and we really need your help.
Jo: Well, you certainly called the right person. I'm on my way.


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