Tyler John Roy Williams (born 11 March 2000) is the second child of Martin and Natalie, the younger brother of Bethany, and the older brother of Lori and Tia.

Tyler was the ringleader of the kids acting out. He acted out a lot more than his sisters. He was completely disrespectful and the worst one of the 4 children. He would lash at the girls of the house which are his 3 sisters and his mother very aggressively. He could also be defiant and destructive. He was seen copying his father's cussing and name calling behavior. He was sent to time out 4 times. First, he wouldn't share the truck with Lori, and he went to kick his mom in the face. When Natalie went back for the apology, Tyler puts his foot at his mom's face. Meanwhile, he escaped from the chair. Second, he wouldn't listen to his mom when he was told to do so. Third, he hit Bethany (age 7) with the towel right in her. Later, he hit Natalie in the face. Just then, Tyler got off from the Naughty Chair and he pushed Tia (age 4) off the scooter. Fourth, he put his foot and kicks mom again, calling her a "naughty fat bitch twat".

He is now 18 in 2018.


  • "You big fat b****!"
  • "No! You b*****!"
  • "Shut up, you big b****!" (UK version only)
  • "I hate you, you stupid b****! Now get away." (UK version only)
  • "What? What? What? What do you want."
  • "You naughty b****!" (US version only)
  • "Give me my chair, then I'll say sorry!"
  • "I want my chair!"
  • "You naughty fat b**** twat!"
  • "Just Bethany once, I threw a towel! You b****!"
  • "TWATTY!" (UK version only)

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