Thomas "Tom" Winter, Sr. is the stepdad of Kristin, dad to Kayla, Erica, Tori and Tommy, and husband to Cathy.

He worked as restaurant manager. During Observation, he was overwhelmed trying to handle the four younger kids by himself, and called Cathy within 15 minutes of her leaving to ask when she'd come home to take care of the kids.

His relationship with Kristin was strained. He found it hard to accept her growing into a woman and carried a childhood photo of Kristin in his wallet at all times. He loved that picture because of the beautiful smile on her face, which he wished he could see again.

To break the ice with Kristin and her friends, he invited them to a barbecue and displayed his mad dancing skills for the teenage crowd.

He was 38 in Supernanny, and is now 48 years old in 2017.

Links Edit

Tom's Facebook page

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