Tia Williams is the youngest child of Martin and Natalie, and the younger sister of Bethany, Tyler, and Lori.

Appearance on Supernanny

Although, Tia didn't act out as much as Tyler, just like her sisters, but she was seen throwing temper tantrums to get her own way. She was only seen in time out once at dinner time during the beginning of teaching for refusing to sit on the chair.


  • What Tia looks like right now.
  • Tia crying.
  • Tia staying put on the Naughty Chair.
  • Tia being send to the naughty chair.
  • Tia hugging her dad.
  • Tia crying after when Tyler pushed her off her scooter.
  • Tia misbehaving at dinner time.
  • Tia and Tyler.
  • Tia, with Bethany, Lori, and Tyler.
  • Tia screaming when her mother's doing her hair.
  • Tia at dinner time.
  • Tia crying at bedtime.
  • Tia being put to bed by her mom.
  • Tia out of bed.
  • Martin tucking her daughter in.