One Strike and You're Out is a technique is for younger children with extreme anger issues to be given an opportunity to cool down, while their tantrums are being ignored. It could also be used for older children who exhibit difficult behaviour. In other words, the child is momentarily separated from the family while exhibiting extreme behavior. After some time, the child apologizes as soon as the child is calm.

There are absolutely NO warnings prior to execution with this technique.


  1. Don’t give a warning. Remove the child from the room and using a low-toned voice, mention the behavior is unacceptable and that he/she is only allowed back in the room after an apology.
  2. If the child comes back without apologizing, remove the child from the room and repeat that the child is only allowed back in after an apology.
  3. Repeat step #2 until the child apologizes.
  4. Once the child apologizes (If child does not apologise give them a timeout)hugs and kisses after that move on