Thaddeus Aaron "Thad" Bowersock (born January 29, 1976) is the father of Madeline, Hayden and Lily and husband to Jenniffer.

A juvenile corrections officer, he always headed to the gym straight after work. He would undermine Jenny's authority by doing things like helping the children clean their rooms after she had already spent hours insisting that they clean their rooms up by themselves.

During Reinforcement, Jo had to tell Thad to pick up Hayden by both arms so that his arm would stay in its socket.

He has five younger brothers and two older sisters.

He was 30 years old at the time and he is now 42 in 2018.

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Thad's Facebook page - This tells us that he is a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) at Fairfield Medical Center and studied Physical Therapy Assistant at Hocking College. His Facebook photos and activity also suggest he is a weightlifting fanatic.