Tara Howat (born March 24th 1977) is the single mother of Casey, Shannon, and Rhys.

Tara lost her temper due to Rhys and Shannon misbehaving. Rhys was the ringleader of misbehaving and he cussed and bit. Rhys Howat also had a bad temper, biting, hitting and cussing. Along with throwing temper tantrums. Rhys misbehaved more than Shannon. Since rhys misbehaving Shannon and Casey don't get attention. Unlike Shannon, Casey did not demand attention. Shannon only misbehaved a little but it was for attention. Tara still had to deal with ringleader rhys and his cussing, biting, and hitting.

During the school run, Rhys was dangerously out of control and ran in the street, which made Tara run to try to catch him. rhys was holding his tennis ball in the video. After school, Tara goes to the supermarket for food. But trouble wasn't far, rhys decided to run in the car park, Tara described rhys as an accident waiting to happen, as said in the video. In the howat parent meeting, supernanny tells how why Tara let's rhys bite and cuss at his mum. After the parent meeting, the family decided to go to the playground, rhys plays ball and behaves.

Tara was 30 years old at her Appearance at Supernanny.


Rhys is an accident waiting to happen.

I don't want to see u again, okay!! stay there and don't come out.

rhys misbehaves quite a bit and is a very bad boy" as said by tara in video.

rhys u stop biting. bad boy stop cussing and biting me brat.

  • bed.
  • warning."
  • corner!"


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