Tara Howat (born 1976) is the single mother of Casey, Shannon, and Rhys.

Tara had lost control and her temper over the kids. She would run ragged chasing Rhys around the house, yelling and holding them down to try controlling him. This happened everywhere, from home, to the street and the supermarket. During Observation, Tara cried about how she couldn't do a good job as a mother and that "Nothing works." At bedtime, she got very frustrated with the kids' refusal to go to bed and sent Shannon to bed by yelling at her, shoving her repeatedly back into bed and then holding Shannon's bedroom door shut. Jo could see Tara was losing it and even though Teachingn't yet begun, Jo intervened and told Tara to walk away and calm down. During the Parent Meeting, Tara admitted that she didn't get respect from her children or do anything to encourage respect. Jo stressed to Tara that her refusal to exert control and demand respect of her children was putting Rhys in danger on the street and in the car park.


  • "I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU, OKAY?! STAY THERE AND DON'T COME OUT" Tara said while putting Shannon to bed.
  • "DO NOT THROW!!!" Tara screaming in Rhys' face while putting him to bed. (Presumably on her period)
  • "Right Shannon, listen. I'm going to give you a warning now, and that's a warning."
  • "WARNING! If you say that again you'll go to the naughty corner!"
  • "I'm gonna give a warning." (To Shannon and Casey while they were laughing down stairs while she was trying to put Rhys to bed during family test run)
  • DO NOT HIT ME! Tara said while Shannon hits her
  • YOUR'E RUDE!!!!!
  • "@#$%@# hell Shannon, YOU ARE GOING IN YOUR ROOM!"
  • "NO!" Tara said when Rhys swore at her
  • "Don't kick her!" when Rhys kicked Shannon, "and don't kick me!" to Shannon repeatedly kicking Tara