Tammy Leslie Orm (born May 12, 1976) (née Clark) is the mum of Chandler, Caden and Declan and ex-wife to Shawn.

A stay-at-home mom, she struggled to manage all three boys, and confessed she wanted to be "Supermom" and not have to ask Shawn for help.

During Observation, Jo cringed at how Tammy begged the boys to behave. She was very loving and encouraging to the boys, but did not discipline them when they were disrespectful, ignored her requests, or misbehaved. Shawn said that when the boys misbehaved, she wouldn't do anything, when he felt they should be doing something. He felt she wasn't strict enough, and she felt he was too strict. She told Jo that her number one issue with Shawn was his yelling.

She also gave the boys free rein of the house, so they could go in and out at all times of the day, and snack on junk food all day in the open pantry. Jo addressed these issues by helping Tammy put a lock on the front door, and introducing the Snack Box so that the boys only ate snacks at scheduled times.

She also catered to Caden's picky eating habits. When he refused to eat, she would give in and make him something else. Tammy realized that Caden's eating habits were a control issue and learned not to let him get away with his refusal to eat. For Tammy, the Naughty Room proved a useful discipline tool for addressing Caden's picky eating and Chandler's disrespectful behavior.

Perhaps the most glamorous mother to ever appear on Supernanny, Tammy was usually dressed in revealing outfits, with perfect hair and makeup. Unlike other parents on the show, she seemed to provide a variety of appetizing meals for the family, which makes Caden's pickiness even more perplexing.

She was 27 at the time and is now 42 in 2018.


Tammy's Facebook page, which is awash with tons of glamorous, beautiful photos of Tammy. And photos with another man, so it seems she and Shawn are no longer married.

Forum post of local interview with Tammy and Shawn - Posted by the Orms' next door neighbor, who notes that Tammy does all the yardwork in the family, and always dresses like she did on the show.

The article itself mentions that Tammy is a former nanny and schoolteacher, and that she was "getting ready" while Declan was wandering the streets. At the time, she had the sinking feeling that this footage would be used to show her as a neglectful parent, even though he was being attended at the time.