Tami Marie Keilen (née Hendrickson, born February 13, 1978) is the wife of Shaun Keilen and the mother of Haeley, Maile, Malia and Leighton Keilen.

She works five days a week at a local ice cream restaurant. At home, she tended to clean the house a lot instead of playing with her children.

She made sure all the girls were perfectly dressed and coiffed (a process that could take three hours), but did not spend time making sure their behavior was as nice as their looks. She vacuumed every day because it "drove her crazy" when the vacuum tracks got walked out of the carpet.

Because of her perfection and her controlling behavior the girls especially Maile didn't like it.

She was 27 years old at the time of her appearance on Supernanny and as of 2017, she is 39 years old.

Sometime after Supernanny, Tami gave birth to another son named Lane.

Quotes Edit

"Maile, your dad is being a total whimp to you! Get dressed!"


"If you tell your sister how to play the game again, your going in that time out chair for 6 minutes!"

"Haeley I said I don't care of what the rules are!"

"That one doesn't match at all!"


"Maile GET in the stroller! Yes!"

"But I want you to look like Mommy."

"Can I say something? Did YOU wake up thinking, Oh gosh I'm gonna pick out something that doesn't match!"

Links Edit

Tami's Facebook page

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