Episode summaryEdit

Jo Frost travels to Arizona for the first time and meets Holly (26) and Jimmy (28) who have three small boys: James (7), Tyler (5) and Ryan (2).

The boys play violent games 5 out of 7 hours a day that are Rated E10+ (Ages 10 and Up), T and M (Teen and Mature) and are starting to act them out. Meanwhile, the kids even have developed bad habits of lying and saying nasty words in front of their parents.

As a form of discipline, Dad spanks the kids and yells at them. Meanwhile, the submission tape shows that Holly washes the kids' mouths with liquid soap (when James said a mature command to Tyler while on the naughty step). When Jo calls her out on it, Holly gets frustrated and asks Jo to leave.

Can Jo keep the kids safe from video games that are too mature for them? Can Jimmy learn to stop bullying his family and can Holly learn to discipline without the use of chemicals?


  • This episode was filmed in October of 2007 as stated in the 100th Episode Special.
  • This is the first family to have one of the parents walk out during the Parent Evaluation and talk back to Jo.
  • Holly was pregnant during filming, even though it wasn't mentioned in the episode.
  • This is the first episode to have two Amok Runners.

Video Edit

Full episode in parts 1, 2 and 3 on DailyMotion (dubbed in French)

Dad Gets Emotional Talking About His Childhood - Supernanny US YouTube channel

Family membersEdit

Holly Tafoya, 26

Jimmy Tafoya, 28

James Tafoya , 7

Tyler Tafoya, 5

Ryan Tafoya, 2

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