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Jo visits the Swift family in Sacramento, California where Jenny (34) & Tony (34) have five children: 11-year-old Jack, 10-year-old Joshua, 7-year-old Sean, 4-year-old Max and 9-month-old Mia.

For the first time, the family's nanny, Kadie (22) called Supernanny for help and when she visits, Jo may have met the laziest parents she has had to deal with.

The boys run wild in and outside of the house, completely unsupervised from their parents, which puts them in danger.

Meanwhile, baby Mia crawls around the floor and the boys leave behind small objects that she often puts in her mouth. The house is not even baby proofed, which is very dangerous for her.

While they have hired Kadie to be their nanny, Jenny and Tony openly admit that they expect her to do everything for them when it comes to the kids.

However, Kadie admits that there are no rules in the house and was never given a guide on how to handle the kids when they get out of control thus leaving Kadie left with no idea what to do.

Meanwhile, grandmother Gloria (69) also tries to help out around the house and is the only person to implement any form of discipline. However, Jenny and Tony are ungrateful towards Gloria and don't think they're doing anything wrong.

Can Jo help the family make sure that the kids (especially the baby) are safe? Can she get the parents, nanny & grandma on the same page when it comes to discipline and rules? And can she finally get these parents to be parents?

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