This page covers copyright-related material regarding Jo Frost's shows and the Supernanny brand.


  • The Supernanny brand and Jo Frost: Extreme Parental Guidance are currently owned by Warner Bros. Television.
  • Jo Frost: Extreme Parental Guidance is currently licensed to Nurture for distribution on YouTube.
  • Family SOS with Jo Frost is owned by TLC.
  • Jo Frost: Nanny on Tour is owned by UpTV.
  • Jo Frost on Britain's Killer Kids is owned by A&E.

Home video releases

There are very few home video releases of Jo Frost's shows and not every show is available online.

Online clips

Uploading video clips and episodes to YouTube and most other video hosting sites will typically result in the videos being blocked. If a video clip or episode hasn't been blocked, it may be because it has not been found yet or because the uploader has been given permission from the copyright holders to upload it online.

Users should keep in mind that embedding unofficial/unlicensed video clips to the Supernanny Wiki increases their risk of being blocked or removed.