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The Supernanny wiki is a title that everyone, including you, can edit. You must discover that working as a team is key. This wiki was created on June 15, 2011.

If you want to add pages for other Jo Frost TV shows, see the Nanny on Tour and Family SOS wikis.

About Supernanny


To become a Supernanny Wiki Administrator, you (except for Plankton5165 the wiki creator) must have:

  • At least 260 achievement points
  • The "Key to the Wiki" badge
  • The "Wiki Builder" badge
  • The "Illustrator" badge
  • The "Naughty Children Whiz" badge (requires a user to add 10 categories to an article - don't add TOO many categories)
  • The "Something to Say" badge

When you've fulfilled the above, leave a message on Plankton's or Alvinluvr30's talk page. They are the only administrators who can update user rights. Keep in mind that only registered users can earn badges and achievement points.


Break a rule and you will be blocked from editing the wiki without further notice.

  1. No biasing.
  2. No flailing.
  3. No spamming.
  4. No hesitating.
  5. Don't vandalize, which means inserting nonsense and gibberish (including false or unsourced information, irrelevant pictures/videos and excessive categorizing) into pages, and deleting page content.
  6. Don't edit war (reverting another revert consecutively, or continuing to post edits that other users have deleted).
  7. Don't harass people (this includes using profanity, or making insulting/profane comments about Supernanny family members or wiki users).


  • The people who have appeared on Jo Frost's shows deserve to live their lives outside of them and many of the people who were once kids have grown up. Please respect their privacy.
    • Avoid posting links to or adding information to articles from private profiles and records.
    • If you appeared on Supernanny (UK/US) or Jo Frost: Extreme Parental Guidance and would like to clear up anything regarding any articles about you, it is recommended that you create an account and leave a comment on said article describing what it is you would like to clear up.
  • Avoid engaging in conversations with anonymous users ("A FANDOM User" profiles).
  • Link to official/licensed uploads of videos.
  • Don't post links to NSFW content.

Requests for ban

If there are contributors/users who are severely breaking a rule, you can request them to be blocked or banned HERE!

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If you like making stuff up, please don't do it here. Go to our sister site about fanon stuff here.

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