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Welcome to the Supernanny Wiki

The Supernanny wiki is a title that everyone, including you, can edit. You must discover that working as a team is key. This wiki was created on June 15, 2011.

About Supernanny


To become a Supernanny Wiki Administrator, you (except for Plankton5165 the wiki creator) must have:

  • At least 260 achievement points
  • The "Key to the Wiki" badge
  • The "Wiki Builder" badge
  • The "Illustrator" badge
  • The "Naughty Children Whiz" badge
  • The "Something to Say" badge

And then, leave a message on an administrator's talk page. Administrators have a green triangle next to their name on the Wiki leaderboard.


Break a rule and you will be blocked from editing the wiki without further notice.

  1. No biasing.
  2. No flailing.
  3. No spamming.
  4. No hesitating.
  5. Don't vandalize, which means inserting nonsense and gibberish (including false information) into pages, and deleting page content.
  6. Don't edit war (reverting another revert consecutively).
  7. Don't harass people (this includes using profanity, or making insulting/profane comments about Supernanny family members or wiki users).

Requests for ban

If there are contributors/users who are severely breaking a rule, you can request them to be blocked or banned HERE!

Sister site

If you like making stuff up, please don't do it here. Go to our sister site about fanon stuff here.

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