Stuart Lambert (born September 30, 1976) is the dad of Tegan-Olivia and Diesel, stepdad of Matthew and partner of Laura.

Whenever he tried to intervene with Matthew, Laura wouldn't allow him. In the original U.K. version, in submission reel after Tegan told him to shut up, he put her on the step and spanked her once as he was telling her not to talk him like that. Also in the original U.K version during bedtime in observation, when Matthew kicked his mom and when Stuart told Matthew to kick him. Matthew did kick him, but Stuart did something aggressive back to Matthew, which was a spank.

He was 29 years old on Supernanny and is now 42 in 2018.


  • "Don't talk to daddy like that do you understand because it's naughty. If Matthew uses that word and THAT'S naughty! If you continue to talk to me like that, I'll put your s**t to bed!"
  • "You can have some of my dinner when you eat some of your's. Right you can have some, just leave me alone please!"
  • "I'll be out Tegan, but my dinner's getting cold! Sit down or you will be on the step."
  • "Matthew you don't kick your mum. If you wanna kick someone kick me!"