Steve Schwartz (born June 14, 1970) is the dad of Samantha, Amanda, Katelyn and Emily, and husband to Cathy.

He worked as New York City police officer. He was more laid back than his wife. He felt that he could not assert his authority as a parent because Donna would always undermine his and Cathy's authority. Jo was impressed by his candor in laying out the problems in the household. He thanked her deeply for pointing out that Katelyn was too old to not be potty-trained. Steve carried Amanda who threw a temper tantrum. When Amanda faced him, as she tantrumed to timeout, she kicked Steve in the stomach. He lay curled up in agony under the dining table until Jo found him. He laughed through his pain and noted that he'll turn his body away from Amanda the next time he is placing her back into timeout when she escapes.

He was 35 on Supernanny and is now 48 in 2018.

Trivia Edit

Steve has similar characteristics to Joe Del Re. They both are from New York, and are both police officers. They also look alike.