Stacie Bailey (born August 6, 1975) (née Rush) is the wife of Bill and mother of Jadyn and Billy.

A teacher, she was often seen working on her laptop. She allowed her children to take three-hour naps, that seemed to specifically accommodate her laptop time. She seemed rather short-tempered and to find it an inconvenience to deal with the children at times.

For example, she admitted to encouraging Jadyn's poor sleep habits by allowing Jadyn to sleep in her bed or on the nap mat in the hallway because it was easier than dealing with Jadyn being upset. However, by the end of Jo's visit Stacie admitted that if she had known just dealing with ten minutes of crying would have solved the sleep problem, she would have dealt with it five years before.

She also seemed to perceive her children as the villains and blame them for the chaos in the house, but again by the end of Jo's visit, she admitted that she and Bill were the real problem.

Stacie is also notable for her rude, disrespectful attitude toward Jo during the Parent Meeting. She would barely deign to look at or respond to Jo by the end of the meeting. When Jo asked her if she was ready to get to work, she just muttered, "We'll see," while taking a drink of water. She had a similarly disrespectful attitude when Jo pointed out that Stacie should not have sent Jadyn to the Naughty Room for being upset about having gone to the Naughty Room in the first place. When this happened and Jo asked if Stacie understood that it was wrong, Stacie just looked away and said, "M-hm."

She was 29 at the time and is now 43 in 2018.

Quotes Edit

  • "No, I'm not gonna give you a hug when you're behaving this way. You need to stop. This is your last warning. You stop now with the pouting or you're going back in the naughty room."
  • "Jadyn, you're not gonna sit here and pout some more."
  • "Jadyn if you keep behaving this way, you're going back in your naughty room. You're not gonna sit here and pout."
  • "Jadyn, no."

Links Edit

Stacie's Facebook page - It shows her maiden name is Rush, and Jadyn's last name as Siemer. A page for Andrew Siemer (who is friends with Stacie) also shows Jadyn as his daughter, so it appears Stacie was married to Andrew before marrying Bill.

Rate My Teacher pages - Vasquez High School and Highland High School

Teachers in L.A., across California file complaints against virtual academy - San Gabriel Valley Tribune, 6/18/2015. Includes photos of Stacie and a quote from Stacie at a teachers' protest about lack of resources for California Virtual Academies (CAVA).