Sonya Nicole Peterfreund (née Gridley) is the wife of Keith and the mother of Jett, Gage, Trey and Myles

She found it hard to keep track of Myles' sleep and feeding schedules, often overfeeding Myles. At one point during Observation, she was so caught up in chasing the older boys around the house that she wasn't supporting the baby's head, and Jo had to step in and hold baby Myles' head up.

Jo taught Sonya how to use a stern tone of voice and better exert her authority.

She was 36 on Supernanny and now in 2018 she is 44.


“Don’t pee on that I swear to god “. “Oh no you are not!” (When Gage pulls down his pants at the playground)

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Sonya's Origami Owl Facebook page