Skyler Minyon (born June 11, 2001[1]) appeared on episode 1 of season 2 of the American Supernanny show.


Person Age Relation to Person
Frank Minyon 29 Father
Danielle Minyon 26 Mother
Frank Patrick Minyon 7 Brother

Appearance on Supernanny

When Jo came to observe the family, Skyler was throwing violent fits and tantrums. She also gave her mother a hard time when it came to getting up for school in the mornings. In her father's eyes, she was "Daddy’s Little Princess".

When the Naughty Chair technique was introduced, Skyler put a fight with Danielle for over an hour and kept on escaping the chair. After an hour, she refused to apologize to Danielle. After another half hour, she apologized.

Jo and the family saw footage of Danielle taking Skyler to school in her pajamas instead of fighting with her. Jo praised Danielle for not fighting with Skyler.


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  • "GET OFF OF ME!"
  • Skyler is wearing sunglasses
  • What Skyler and her mom look like right now.
  • Skyler saying sorry for her mother Danielle
  • What Skyler looks like right now.