Episode summary

Jo visits the Silva family where Danielle (28) and Tom (45) need help with their seven kids: 17-year-old Meghan, and 7-year-old Allyson (from Tom's previous marriage); 8-year-old Cheryl, and 6-year-old MacKenzie (from Danielle's previous marriage); and 3 children together: 2-year-old Riley 1 1/2-year-old Kassiah and 6-month-old Caden.

Tom works all week for the Army National Guard and is going to be deployed to Iraq. Danielle stays at home with all 8 of the kids.

The middle children, Cheryl, Allyson, Mackenzie, and Riley are acting out. They fight aggressively, name call, and cuss. Danielle handles that by yelling and cussing back at them.

Meanwhile Meghan, and Tom's relationship is very strained, and Riley still uses her pacifier or "binky" as she calls it.

Can Jo help this family before Tom leaves to go to Iraq?


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2 Yr Old Swears At Supernanny! | Supernanny on YouTube


  • This episode was filmed in January, 2006.
  • Tom and Danielle Married On October 11, 2003 According to Danielle's Blog.
  • Due to the Trash Talk Technique being introduced in this episode, this family was regarded as one of the most vulgar families due to all the profanity that Danielle would spit out of her mouth and that the kids were picking up her behavior and going non-stop with profanity.
  • Compared to other episodes, Jo Frost entered this family's house via the back door instead of the front.
  • This family's house was one of the dirtiest and least organized that Jo Frost encountered while observing families.

In the news

The Silva family outfits a ‘Twilight Bus’ - The Galt Herald, July 29, 2009 - This article explains that they are actually a family of 10; Meghan is now a mother herself to baby Lily; Brianna (not shown on Supernanny) has Down syndrome and autism; Allyson was recently diagnosed as bipolar; and Mackenzie has Pfeiffer Syndrome, a craniofacial disorder that does not allow the skull to grow with the child.

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