Bryan Silas McAfee (born August 21, 1999) is the second child and only son to Brian, younger brother of Eliana and older brother to Kaia and Anna.

He was the school troublemaker (homework issues, bullying, lack of focus, misbehavior etc.) back when he was in 2nd grade. In addition he was the worst behaved out of the 4. He would bully his sisters and disrespect authority from his dad. He would become very angry, aggressive, laugh meanly, and name call.

He was 7 years old when he appeared on Supernanny and is now 19 in 2018.

Quotes Edit

  • "Anna is a cry baby!" (3x)
  • "I HATE THIS HOMEWORK!!!! DAD!!!!!!!!
  • "Big belly"
  • "DONE!!!"