Shelby Marie Young


February 21, 2002



Shelby Marie Young (born February 21, 2002) is the youngest and only daughter of Sherman & Joelle and the younger sister of Dylan and Shermie.

Shelby has a tendency to be quite stubborn and sits in front of the television while eating meals. She was also picking up her brother's climbing on walls and aggressive behavior. If the family is playing a board game and if she doesn't want to play it anymore she will show it by throwing it away or hit someone. When Shelby punches Shermie in the eye while they were playing a board game, Shermie begins crying and Joelle puts her in the naughty corner in the play area. Shelby tests her mom and get her attention by dancing, showing her butt, and throwing books off the shelves in the play area. As she escaped from timeout, her mom yelled at her and she out of frustration hit her mom making mom yell at her more. Jo pointed out that Joelle should ignore her behavior because she's already in timeout and trying to a reaction from Joelle, and when she does escape from time out, you place her back with no communication. If Shelby threw books then Joelle should remove her from the play area and into a new corner by the back wall or in the kitchen. In reality, a play area is not a good idea for a Naughty Corner for this classic example.

At dinnertime while nanny Jo Frost is around, Shelby got upset because she doesn't like the seat that Joelle chose. When she stood on her chair and refused to get down and sit at the table, her mom puts her in the naughty corner in the play area. Shelby began throwing books again, not trusting Joelle, but because of Jo, Joelle removes Shelby from the play area and sends her to the new naughty corner by the kitchen, leaving her for four minutes. Four minutes later, Shelby apologizes to Joelle who accepts her apology.

She was 4 years old when she appeared on Supernanny and she is now 16 in 2018.

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  • "Shermie was crying because I punched him in the eye."
  • "Look mama!" (as she was pulling her pants halfway down to show her butt to her mom in the Naughty Corner to get a reaction from her mom)
  • "Hey!"
  • "No!"
  • "He went underneath the table again."