Shannon Marie Kerns (née Foote, born July 25, 1984) is the mother of Brandon, Bryce and Brenna and the ex-wife of Shawn.

When Brandon refused to eat his dinner, Shannon just locked him into his bedroom until he said he would behave. When Jo asked where the kids were, Shannon guessed they were with Shawn. She really had no idea where they were. Embarrassed by this, she had an argument with Shawn about it.

When Jo told Shannon about the twins barging into the neighbor's yard, Shannon just said that she's apologized for that before and if it was such an issue, she wished her neighbor would have talked to her about it (thereby blaming the neighbor for any issues with the twins).

She was 24 years old when Jo Frost came to her house. She is now 33 years old.

Two years after "Supernanny", Shannon had another daughter named Brooklyn.


  • In a local interview, Shannon describes herself as a big Supernanny fan. She had been wanting to be on the show since Brenna was born, and felt the experience was worth it.

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Shannon's Facebook page- Shows middle name Marie, and that she is no longer married to Shawn.