James Scott Terrill (born April 5, 1971 - July 4, 2008) of the Terrill Family was the dad of Lane and Tate.

He was a divorced parent and did not know how to cook, relying on convenience foods and frozen meals to feed the boys.

Sadly, Scott died on July 4, 2008 at the age of 37 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

In the news

'Supernanny' father dies from gunshot - Georgetown News-Graphic, 7/7/2008. The gunshot was self-inflicted.

Scott's obituary - Georgetown News-Graphic, 7/6/2008.

Gosselins Without Pity - Transcribes full article about Scott that explains how he dealt with chronic pain, an incurable condition that made him unable to tolerate pain, a rough childhood, and joblessness while trying to give his boys the childhood he never had.

Links - This confirms that Scott lived with Tammy Terrill (aka Hardwick) at a residence in Georgetown, KY.

Shankland Family Chronicles - This confirms that Scott and Tammy Renee Hardwick married circa 1995, and had two children, Lane and Tate. And then Tammy proceeded to marry another two times after leaving Scott. Also shows full name.