Savannah George (born December 22, 2000) is the third daughter of Joanne and Glenn George. She has two older sisters: Samantha & Brooke, two younger sisters: Hailey & Haidyn and a niece Krissy.

Savannah was very defiant and refused to listen to her parents and do as she was told. She was aggressive towards her sisters and niece Krissy, and also teased them.

Savannah also had a very big attitude. For example, she talked back to her parents, called her family members innapropriate names, and said sorry in a rude tone during her time-outs. She was sent to time-out three times throughout the episode. The first two timeouts, Savannah actually did something bad that warrant to be sent there.

The third time that she got sent to timeout, Savannah didn’t seem to do much to deserve it because her sister Hailey was aggravating her while mom and dad weren’t looking. When dad went to the fight that she and Hailey were having, Savannah was blamed and got dragged to timeout.

She was 10 years old on Supernanny. and now 17 in 2017