Sara Manley is the mother of Max and Claire and wife to John.

Even though John had moved out 8 months before, Sara still held onto the hope that they would get back together. She told John that she didn't want the marriage to end, but he didn't agree.

She also struggled with disciplining her two kids. Self-described as "never really into discipline," Sara said that when there is conflict between her and the kids, she generally walks away.

During Observation, when Max acted out and hit her, she just tried to block his hits while exclaiming, "Ow. Ow!" and "That's not nice, stop it!" with no consequences (other than shutting Max in his room and holding the door shut). Instead of staying calm and authoritative in the face of Max's misbehavior, Sara would start crying and beg Max to calm down.

She also dreaded going to the grocery store with the children. She let her kids get out of control in the store and responded by shouting at and arguing with her kids, as well as whining. At one point she lost them in the store.


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