Sara Beth Doyle (November 1, 2000) is the oldest child of Brandy and Doug and older sister to Lizzy and Andrew. She has 3 half siblings from her mother's side of the family. She is currently 17 years old.

Appearance on Supernanny

She could be stubborn and fight until she was satisfied. She also gave herself a haircut using the scissors. During the Family test run, her mother put her in timeout for jumping on the bed with her friends. When her timeout was over Sara was forced to stay on the floor while her friends were playing on the bed. Jo pointed out to her mother that she could have instead told Sara and her friends that they could be on the the bed as long as they didn't jump on it. During reinforcement, Sara was seen doing stencils with her mom and Lizzy. She noticed that Lizzy was getting upset because she wanted the table to be turned around so she can have room to do her stencil work, so she turned the table around which made Lizzy happy and her mom and Jo proud because it was smart of her to do that.