Samantha Marie George (born January 16, 1990) is the oldest child of Joey-Lynn and Glenn, mother of Krissy and older sister to Brooke, Savannah, Hailey and Haidyn.

Samantha became pregnant with Krissy when she was 16 years old and gave birth to her when she was 17 years old. She was seen working seven days a week (possibly multiple jobs) to help provide for her daughter and the rest of the family.

Samantha appeared to be rather mature and responsible, except when she was fighting with her sister, Brooke. Then, she resorted to screaming, swearing and name-calling like a petulant child.

During snack time (with help from Jo, Samantha gives Krissy a warning not to use inappropriate words such as "Shut your mouth before I slap you," or else, she will sit Krissy on the Naughty Step for two minutes. Krissy does what Samantha tells her to do and stops the bad behavior.

She was 20 years old at the time and she is now 28 in 2018.

Links Edit

'Toddlers & Tiaras' Recap: Money Brings Out the Worst In Dianely, 7, Hailey, 7, & Lola, 4 - Recap that mentions Samantha calling herself Hailey's pageant coach. Plus a video that shows Samantha grooming Hailey's eyebrows. Joey Lynn also mentions that Samantha has done pageants before.

Samantha's Facebook page - The URL shows daughter Krissy's name (Krislyn Gonzalez), and says she's engaged

Samantha's Instagram - Shows her middle name is Marie, she has another child (a son, Rogelio Gonzalez), takes her children and herself to auditions and shoots, and has competed in local Miss Hawaiian Tropic swimsuit pageants.