Episode summary Edit

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Ryan and Jonathon Sachs in early 2013.

Jo Frost visits New York City where Greg & Fanci Sachs (45) need help with their two unruly young sons: 5-year-old Ryan & 3-year-old Jonathon.

The Sachs' apartment is filled with toys since Fanci buys them for her sons three times a week.

Greg and Fanci were initially at loggerheads with how to handle their children's tantrums. Ryan will throw tantrums in public if he doesn't get his own way and has separation issues from Fanci whenever she leaves the house. Bedtime is horrific and the parents end up lying in bed with the boys until they fall asleep.

Can Supernanny get Greg and Fanci on track in a New York minute?

Trivia Edit

  • In Teaching, Ryan threw a tantrum because Fanci told him they were not going to the toy store and Jo was cross at Ryan and told him he has any more nonsense he will be put in timeout.

Video Edit

Full episode on YouTube

In the news Edit

TANTRUM YOGA - New York Post, 2/18/2009. We learn Fanci is a commercial real estate executive, and Greg is a commercial printer. The family babysitter suggested the Sachs ask Supernanny for help.

Family members Edit

Fanci Sachs

Greg Sachs

Ryan Sachs, 5  

Jonathon Sachs, 3  

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