Episode summary Edit

Jo visits the Sacco family in Boston Massachusetts, where Elyse (32) & Eric (33) have four children: 13-year-old Eric, 10-year-old Ashley and almost 4-year-old fraternal twins Luke & Lily.

The twins rule the house with their constant tantrums and are still attached their pacifiers ("binkies") which leave their mouths sore & blistered. Bedtime is a nightmare and the twins sleep with their parents. Meanwhile, Jo is shocked when she discovers condoms in Eric Jr.'s bedroom & prompts dad to confront him about it.

Stay-at-home mom Elyse doesn't do much around the house while Eric Sr. works double shifts and states that his third job starts when he gets home. Can Jo help this family?

Family members Edit

Elyse Sacco, 32

Eric Sacco Sr., 33

Eric Sacco Jr., 13

Ashley Sacco, 10

Luke and Lily Sacco, 3 (almost 4)