Rylan Peiter Bullard (born July 20, 2002) is the youngest son of Jen and Bryce, and the younger brother of Brycie.

Rylan doesn't act out as much as Brycie. He generally played with Brycie. His real problem was going to bed. At bedtime, he would throw a fit and refuse to sleep in his own crib. During Observation, he climbed out of his crib at least 9 times. He would often end up falling asleep on the sofa with Jen past 11:30 p.m.

During the first round of the Sleep Separation technique, he begged all adults in the episode for help. When screaming "Mom!" didn't work, he moved on to screaming "Dad!" and even asking, "Mom, where's Dad?". When Jo entered the room to give Jen support, Rylan then called out, "Jo!"

He seemed to be learning new words during this episode. Jo and Jen both made a big fuss when he said "Rug?" and pointed to the Naughty Mat, and when he said "Off!" to ask to have his coat taken off.

He refused to eat his grilled cheese sandwich during a restaurant outing, which resulted in Jen deciding that no one could have dessert at the restaurant, for fear of Rylan throwing a fit if he also didn't get dessert.

When he said goodbye to Jo, he blew her a kiss, then kissed her on the cheek, which made Jo very surprised and giggly. He looked very confused, then happy at her reaction.

He was 2 years old at the time and is now 16 in 2018.

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