Ryan James Sachs (born December 28th, 2004) is the first and oldest child of Greg and Fanci. He has a younger brother named Jonathon.

A little boy with a big personality, he constantly has meltdowns to get his own way, and resisted bedtime throughout the whole episode. He is notable for the very grating, monotone "WAAAHHH" noise he made throughout his many tantrums.

His biggest and perhaps fakest tantrum was in Times Square, when Jo made the Sachs walk past the boys' favorite toy store but not go in. However, after Jo took Ryan aside and told him in clear, firm terms that this behavior was unacceptable, he stopped right away (proving how fake and manipulative his cries were).

He was 5 (almost 6) years old at the time and is now 13 in 2017.