Riley Kale Silva (born April 23, 2003) is the daughter of Tom and Danielle, the full-blooded older sister of Kassiah, Caden, Corbin and Solange (after Supernanny) and the half-sister of Meghan, Brianna, Cheryl, Allyson and Mackenzie.

Like Cheryl, Allyson, and Mackenzie, she swears and does what she wants. She swears behind Jo’s back and she and her sisters laughed.

She also drove around in a tractor with no helmet and left Kassiah outside in the desert leaving Danielle and Jo to find her

She is currently 15 years old.

Riley is the only one with no diagnosis at birth.


  • ”I know you are but what am I.”
  • “Jo Jo is a b******!”
  • ”(bleep)”
  • "Shut the **** up!"


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