Rhys Howat is the younger brother of Shannon Howat and Casey Howat. He was a 4 years old and he hit, spit kicked, cursed, and bit his mother. In supernanny's session, Tara was trying to get Rhys to bed but he got up 98 times. He was very aggressive. One day on the walk to school Rhys ran all around, didn't listen to his mother, and went into the parking lot and ran. After years of school run squabbling with Rhys was like a hard time with tantrums.

When Rhys was in bed because he misbehave he would violently kick the wall with his feet and destroy his toys and can be quite destructive. Tara wished she can walk away on her kids because they misbehave. Casey Howat was the only child that behaved out of the three children. Rhys has been violently out of control since he was very young, "Supernanny added". Rhys threw tantrums when he wasn't given what he wants. When Rhys was Put in the naughty corner he threw a cry fit and tantrumed. Rhys still tantrumed but after the visit with Supernanny heno long tantrumed.

Do you have aggressive British children? Doyour kids bite, kick, or scream? If so then contact supernanny on It is also available for American children who fight, kick, and scream. According to this program is about badly behaved children in America and in the UK. "No copyright claims".

"Rhys Howat was 4 years old as of 2017 he is 15 years old".




"Shut up, f***er!"

"F*** you mummy!"

"Shut up, fat f***er, Bastard!".

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