rhys howat was a hot tempered brat who wear diapers. his mum would spank him if he took his diaper off. He was violent and aggressive, He bit, hit, spit and spanked his mum. He even was be foul mouthed hot tempered and threatened to put a diaper on his mum. He liked to bite his mum leg and spat and pinched. He peed and wet his pants at school and stinks so he goes to school in diapers. He was one of supernanny worst children. He was not toilet trained and pooped in his pants. He spat and bit his mum when he did not get his diaper changed.

He was 4 years old and poopy and peed in a diaper til he learned not to poop and wet himself.

tantrums. He was born in April 23rd 2002



"Shut up, f***er!"

CHANGE MY DIAPER I wet and pood

I wet and poo at school

let me WHACK you!

"Shut up, fat f***er, Bastard!".

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