Episode summary Edit


In the Season 5 premiere, Jo visits the Quinn family in Amherst, New Hampshire where parents David (47) and Gina (44) need help with their teenage and tweenage kids: 16-year-old Cally, 14-year-old Casey, 10-year-old Corey and 9-year-old Carli. Casey, who's on his school's wrestling team, is physically and verbally aggressive towards his family and bullies his siblings.

Meanwhile, Cally and Corey are copying Casey's aggressive behavior.

The kids swear and refuse to do any chores unless they are paid the money they want. Gina admits that she does not enjoy being with her kids, whereas David acts like a big kid, goofing around with his kids.

Not only does Jo need to help control the kids, she also needs to David to get serious. Jo arranges a family hike for them, but tempers flare up when Jo leaves them for the night in a remote cabin. Can Jo help this family?

Video Edit

Parts 1, 2 and 3 on DailyMotion (dubbed in French)

In the news Edit

Hollis family's change to unfold on 'Supernanny' - New Hampshire Business Review, 10/3/2008

Family reacts to 'Supernanny' show - New Hampshire Business Review, 10/4/2008.

Family members Edit

David Quinn, 47

Gina Quinn, 44

Cally Quinn, 16

Casey Quinn, 14

Corey Quinn, 10

Carli Quinn, 9

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