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Supernanny potter

Jo Frost with the Potter children

Jo visits the Potter family in Webster, New York where parents Joy (35) & Chris (43) have 4 kids: 10-year-old Noah, 7-year-old Ryan, 5-year-old Jake, and 4-year-old Alexa.

In the submission tape, the parents have a very hard time when it comes to the kids respecting the house or anyone living in it. Plus, both parents are polar opposites when it comes to discipline.

Joy is often passive and lets the kids walk all over her. However, according to Joy, Chris is too "old school" when it comes to disciplining their children who does it yelling or manhandling them.

The oldest son, Noah has a strained relationship with Chris due to his constant yelling, which scares him and his siblings.

In addition, Chris feels that Joy is undermining him by challenging his parenting style that his parents did when he was a kid.

Jo also warns Chris that his behavior could break Noah's spirit if things don't get better while Joy sadly admits to Jo that her marriage is "on the line" if it doesn't work out.

Can Jo help the Potter family change before it's too late? Can she help Chris control his temper & fix his relationship with Noah?

Recap Edit

The episode begins with Chris and Joy telling Jo they need help getting their children to respect them. Joy feels that her children do not respect her, and she feels that her husband is too scary when disciplining them. On the other hand, Chris feels that yelling is the right thing to do when the children act up. Joy states that she is considering taking her children with her and living away from her husband.

(if someone wants to write the rest of the recap, feel free)

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