Phillip Eugene "Phil" Davis, Jr. (born June 14, 1967) is the stepfather of Morgan, dad to Phillip, Madison, Tiffany and Tori, and husband to Debbra.

His behavior was very abusive and chauvinistic, as he said, "A woman's place" was to take care of the children and obey the husband.

On a walk during Observation, he tried explaining that Morgan could dress like "a decent woman" by not showing cleavage or wearing tight pants, which he felt was dressed for a slut or whore (feelings he only confessed when prodded by Jo). This led to Morgan crying about Phil calling her a slut and a whore for dressing in skinny jeans and showing cleavage, which really didn't seem to be Phil's intent. It was very clear that Phil's concern was making sure boys did not take advantage of Morgan or think they could use her in any demeaning way based on her dress.

Jo showed Phil how his harsh comments were like darts in the face by making him throw darts at pictures of his children's faces. He understood the point and felt bad about all he had done to damage his children's self-esteem.

He also learned how much he had damaged Debbra's trust when Jo had him and Debbra do a trust exercise at a local gym. Debbra refused several times to just drop backward into his arms. Then Phil was told he would do the trust exercise into Debbra's arms, but instead free-fell into a pile of foam. He was shocked and terrified, and then understood the fear and insecurity Debbra felt in trying to trust Phil. He has posts from December 2017, so that confirms that he did not kill Debbra, and that he did not get sent to prison.

He was 41 years old when he appeared on ''Supernanny'' and is now 50 in 2017.


Quotes Edit

  • "You don't get to tell me anything, you do what I tell you to do and you shut your damn mouth about it! That's your problem, you can sit here and fill your tears all you want! That's the problem! You're like your momYou just whine all the time!"
  • "If I catch you doing it again, you're gonna get a spanking. You understand?"
  • "That's alright. I'll go get my belt."
  • "You gonna sit in that chair? If I see you get up..."
  • "Hey, hey. You just... Hey, you don't bite. (smacks Tiffany on the lip) You don’t bite!"
  • "You know what? You're going to time... You're... Let're go to time out."
  • "You're gonna sit here, 'cause I asked you to move it."
  • "I'm sitting you in the chair, 'cause I asked you to get off the computer, and it was time to move. Don't put your feet in my face. Hey! Knock it off."
  • (spanks Tiffany) "Now knock it off."
  • "Hey, quit kicking! QUIT IT!!"

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