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Jo travels to Hayden, Alabama to meet Amy (30) and Jimmy Phelps (36) has 9-year-old well-behaved boy named Jacob, and they have two unruly young sons: 5-year-old Brody and 2-1/2-year old Aiden.

However, with Amy stubbornly defending her right to spank, Jo may have faced one of her toughest challenges yet. Can Jo stop this mother from spanking her kids and can she get both parents on the same page?


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Jimmy describes Jacob as being short tempered and having anger issues, whereas Amy describes Brody as being the most stubborn child in the family. He will get upset if he has to do something that he doesn't want to do. Then, Jimmy describes Aiden as being the most difficult child in the family. He will pull Amy's hair, hit, scream and throw temper tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants.


For discipline, Amy screams at her sons and spanks them. However, father Jimmy doesn't like how she disciplines the boys and wants to find an alternative. The boys eat junk food for meals, and Amy doesn't cook for them because she thinks it is hard to cook and clean up after each meal. Amy and Jimmy have a lot of disagreements, and Amy said that she feels that she and Jimmy are on different chapters.

Aiden's bed is covered with clothes and because of this, he sleeps with Amy and Jimmy. Amy says that Aiden has slept in her bed with Jimmy ever since he was born.


When teaching begins, Jo gives the family a chart with rules for the boys to follow, and rules for Amy and Jimmy to follow. Amy and Jimmy come up with rules for the boys, and the boys come up with rules for Amy and Jimmy to follow. When Jo asks the boys for a rule for Amy and Jimmy, 9-year-old Jacob says no spanking and Jo wrote it on the chart.

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ABC's 'Supernanny' comes to Warrior, Alabama - Birmingham News, 5/21/2009. We learn that they film Jo's arrival one week into the filming schedule.

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Amy Phelps, 30

Jimmy Phelps, 36

Jacob Phelps, 9

Brody Phelps, 5

Aiden Phelps, 2

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