Peterfreund Family
US Season 7, US Episode 2
Air Date November 12, 2010
Techniques Roaming, Naughty Chair
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Jo visits the Peterfreund family in Chandler, Arizona where Sonya & Keith have four sons: 5-year-old Jett, 3-year-old Gage, 2-year-old Trey and newborn Myles.


Jo visits the Peterfreund in Arizona where for the first time, she works with a family who has a newborn son.

Parents Keith and Sonya are so overwhelmed with their three older boys: Jett (5 years old) Gage (3 years old) and Trey (2 years old) that they're missing baby Myles' cues about wet diapers, feedings, etc.

Mom literally has to run through the house after the active older boys with Myles hanging off her arm, head bobbing dangerously. Keith works as a flight attendant and travels frequently, leaving Mom to care for all four boys on her own.

Neither Sonya or Keith are consistent about discipline and their go-to punishment is "saucing" the three older kids, putting a dab of hot sauce on their lips. Can Jo show these overwhelmed parents of four how to parent effectively without using condiments?

Trivia Edit

  • Keith puts hot sauce on Gage's mouth.
  • Gage hurts Myles with the football.
  • The kids make the parents overfeed the baby.

Family members Edit

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