Peter Del Re (born December 31, 2004) is the only son of Joe and Adele, the twin brother of Deanna, and the younger brother of Clarissa.

He threw horrible tantrums, and his father called him a psychopath.

During arts and crafts, Peter tried to use more glue on a used sock, but Adele told him that the glue was enough, and found out that he threw a violent tantrum. Deanna showed Adele her finished sock puppet, and Peter hit Adele in the nose and headbutted her. Nanny Jo Frost arrived and sent Peter to Time-Out for four minutes. Four minutes later, Jo reminded Peter to apologize to Adele for headbutting her. Peter apologized to Adele and hugged her.

He was 4 years old on Supernanny and is 14 years old as of 2018.